About us

Born to innovate

Thanks to our thirty year experience, we can offer the necessary know how to renovate your manufacturing process, with hard-core solutions aimed at modernizing your existing systems, replacing or integrating them with more innovative ones.

Innovazione Deltamax

Quality and transparency

Born in 1989 as spin-off of the research centre Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Deltamax boasts wide experience in the development of artificial vision solutions for quality control in the industrial sector. Since 2010 we have devoted to flat glass quality control developing cutting-edge solutions thanks to continuous investment in Research&Development.

A globally operating company

Our systems in 26 World Countries

A step forward

Working with Deltamax means setting foot in an international network, with solutions operating over 5 continents. Anywhere in the world we can offer the experience of our qualified partners together with the reliability and customization of our systems. They will become indispensable equipment for obtaining the necessary quality level requested by nowadays markets.

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