4 July 2023



IGU scanner is the solution developed by Deltamax for the control of the IG unit, with single or double camera. The performance in detecting defects is similar to the GlassInspector one: IGU scanner can detect scratches, bubbles, inclusions, dirty, etc in each of the glass plate that compose the unit.

The result on the screen shows where the defects are in the transparent area, but without any information on which one of the glasses that compose the unit the defects are.

The layout is the same of the other vertical scanners, with the light in front of the line and the structure with the camera behind; with this configuration it is necessary to have at least 3cm gap along all the line height to install the system.

Apart from the performance, it is important to highlight some limitations of IGU scanner, and in particular:

-performance decreases if one (or more) of the glass of the unit has a low transparency degree.

-it is not possible to check any glass if one (or more) glass of the unit is printed, or sandblasted, or not uniform and clear.

-due to the configuration a small area close to the frame\spacer is not visible (usually 2-3mm but it depends on frame thickness, camera numbers, etc).