19 February 2024

Deltamax invests in innovation by joining startup AI4IV

Deltamax invests in innovation by joining startup AI4IV

With the specific aim of continuing its process of developing advanced technological solutions for flat glass quality control, Deltamax Automazione has decided to participate in the investment round promoted by Italian start-up AI4IV.

The project aims to develop an innovative technology for a vision sensor that combines the advantages of neuromorphic devices with those of CMOS digital devices to extract all the information present in a scene regardless of lighting conditions or the presence of moving objects. As in the case of human vision, which the AI4IV solution is inspired by, AI4IV’s camera chips will be able to see and classify all details present in the scene even when they are in areas normally underexposed or overexposed when acquired by standard image sensors due to the wide range of light intensity present in the scene. In industrial settings, for example, the AI4IV sensor can solve the problem of reflections generated by shiny surfaces or be able to see details through transparent or translucent materials even in the presence of opposing light sources and provide eventual classification of any defects/markers without the need for additional processing units.

In other words, with AI4IV’s technology, it will be possible to realize superior quality control systems that are much less complex in terms of design of both the lighting system and the processing system with a significant cost reduction. In addition, for the same reasons, it will also be possible to realize smart vision systems in outdoor settings where lighting conditions are uncontrolled and uncontrollable (e.g., aboard autonomous drones or for perimeter security installations for various types of infrastructure).

“AI4IV’s technology is unique in the market because it focuses precisely on the concept of ‘vision,’ that is, the typical ability of human beings to understand what a whole scene contains, and does not simply deal with photographing or recording it as a normal camera does,” so states Giampietro Tecchiolli, Founder and CEO of AI4IV.

This is a goal-oriented partnership that is destined to further improve the performance of the systems made by Deltamax Automazione, which are making a name for themselves on the international market precisely because of their accuracy in recognizing complex defects in the flat glass production and processing sector.

“Deltamax Automation’s goal has always been to provide its customers with reliable and easy-to-use solutions that are also at the forefront of technology,” says Gianluca Diener, CEO of Deltamax Automation. “The AI4IV project has attracted our attention because of the potential and the important innovative imprint it wants to bring to machine vision technology, prompting us to invest wholeheartedly in the development of sensors that could enable a further step forward toward increasingly robust and accurate control systems.”